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Are you cutting & lighting your cigars properly?

Cutting your cigar

There are several different types of cigar cuts that you can use to enjoy your favorite cigars.

The most common cuts are:

  • Guillotine Cut

The guillotine cut is the most common, and it involves cutting off the cap at the head of the cigar in a straight line. To begin, you'll need a sharp tool such as a cigar cutter. Start by holding the cigar in your dominant hand and the cutting tool in the other. Place the tool at the end of the cigar, just above the cap, and make a single, straight cut. Aim to make the cut just deep enough to cut through the cap, but not so deep that you cut through the filler.

  • V-cut

The V-cut involves cutting a V-shaped notch into the head of the cigar, allowing for a larger opening for airflow and smoke. Cutting a cigar with a V-cut is a great way to enjoy your cigar and get a smooth draw. To do this, you'll need a specific cigar cutter made for V-cuts. Place the cigar into the V-shaped groove of the cutter and press down firmly. The blade should cut a V-shaped wedge in the head of the cigar.

  • Punch cut

The punch cut involves using a small metal tool to punch out a small hole in the head of the cigar, allowing for a tighter draw. To do a punch cut on a cigar, you will need a sharp cigar punch. Begin by holding the cigar in one hand, and the punch in the other. Then, insert the punch into the head of the cigar until it reaches the desired depth. You want to make sure the hole is not too small or too large, so go slow and be careful. Once the hole is made, twist the punch and pull it out of the cigar. This should leave a small hole that allows you to enjoy the cigar without damaging the wrapper.

Whichever cut you choose, make sure to be careful and not cut too much of the cap off!

Lighting your cigar

If you've experienced an uneven burn, loose draw or other issues with your cigar, you might be lighting it wrong. To ensure the best smoking experience, it's important to light your cigar evenly and slowly, rotating it until it's evenly lit. Take your time and enjoy the process, this is your time to treat yourself and have an experience!

There are several ways to light your cigar, let's go over the 2 most common methods.

You can use a torch lighter, which is similar to a regular butane lighter, but produces a much hotter flame. The advantage of a torch lighter is that it allows you to quickly light your cigar, and you can more easily control the amount of heat that is applied to the cigar.

Another popular method is to use matches. Once the match is lit, quickly bring the flame to the foot of the cigar and draw in as you light it.


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