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Tatuaje Tuxtla Lomo de Cerdo

The cigar we've all been waiting for... after almost a year-long wait, the limited edition Tatuaje Tuxtla Lomo de Cerdo cigar has finally hit the shelves and is available for purchase now!

The Tuxtla series Lomo de Cerdo cigar is a specially wrapped version of the Tatuaje Pork Tenderloin, featuring a Mexican San Andres Maduro wrapper. The combination of this zesty wrapper with the Nicaraguan tobacco, offers a full-bodied smoke with complex flavors and notes of earthy cedar & spicy leather.

With a name like Lomo de Cerdo, which translates to "pork loin" in Spanish, these cigars are cleverly packaged into butcher paper, for the full limited-edition Pork Loin cigar experience. From the flavors to the packaging, this cigar was well worth the wait and is a delightful smoke. Since its the initial release in 2010, as a Massachusetts shop exclusive, the cigar has been one of the most sought-after shop exclusives ever, with a cult-like following. This Tuxtla series Lomo de Cerdo is extremely limited-edition, so be sure to add these to your humidor ASAP before they're gone! With only 8,000 bundles produced, these cigars are sure to be flying off the shelves quickly.

Buy Tatuaje Tuxtla Lomo de Cerde here

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